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Kirklees Media Centre

Public Arts


A 15-metre-long text display has been attached to the front of the Kirklees Media Centre in Hudders-field that consists of a constant stream of words. News and views flash by along with poetry, political statements, talking about the weather and obscure messages.

Where do all these texts come from? Most of them come from the Internet. People send their texts via the Speakers' Corner website. This can take the form of commenting on a particular discussion subject (which is a part of the site), reacting to what other people have said or some arbitrary idea or rant.

Some texts are also provided by passers-by who use the microphone on the street booth located across the junction opposite the text display. There are also links to other Internet artworks that are based on text. These links are activated when there is no input from the street or from the Internet.

This veritable Tower of Babel is displayed across the front of the Media Centre, and can also be seen and heard on the Speakers' Corner website. As an artwork on the Internet, it makes each moment both visible and audible: the bustle of data, miscommunication and the desire for contact. This is a place where private and public merge.

Speakers' Corner is a permanent artwork by Jaap de Jonge. It was initiated by Kirklees Media Centre (Huddersfield) in co-operation with Public Arts and with the financial backing of the National Arts Lottery.






















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